Your generous donations to are used to present these awards:

The Medal of Valor Award

The 100 Club created The Medal of Valor Award in 1993 to honor those Memphis and Shelby County law enforcement officers and firefighters who have performed extraordinary acts of heroism in the line of duty. The Medal of Valor is the city and county’s highest honor for bravery for police and firefighters. Award recipients are chosen by a selection board comprised of their peers. While four awards are available, the Medal of Valor is awarded only if the selection board believes an individual’s heroism in the line of duty merits recognition. Recipients receive the Medal of Valor medallion, a uniform service ribbon, a framed Medal of Valor, and a $2,500 cash reward. The Medal of Valor Award is presented at The 100 Club’s annual dinner in January.

The Jerome Turner Community Service Award

The Board of Directors of the 100 Club of Memphis recently created an award for the purpose of recognizing an employee of any of the local law enforcement or firefighting agencies who have given extraordinary time and effort in service to the community. This award is in honor and memory of the late Federal Judge Jerome Turner. He is remembered throughout the community for his life-long pursuit of justice and the very positive impact he had on everyone in the area. Candidates that qualify are screened and one person is selected annually by the Valor Committee. This individual is recognized at the annual dinner in January and presented with a monetary award

CrimeStoppers Trust Pays Program

The 100 Club re-established a partnership with CrimeStoppers in order to provide financial assistance to their successful Trust Pays Program in the local high schools. CrimeStoppers is led by E. Winslow (Buddy) Chapman, after helping found CrimeStoppers in 1981 while he was the Memphis Police Director. Now 25 years later, CrimeStoppers of Memphis and Shelby County is widely viewed as one of the three most successful citizen-tip crime-fighting programs in the U.S. The 100 Club is participating financially with CrimeStoppers’ new Trust Pays Program. In its first year on high school campuses in Memphis and Shelby County, this program removed 54 weapons from the public school systems–including 26 handguns. School and law enforcement authorities also confiscated a variety of illegal drugs ranging from marijuana to crack cocaine.

During the 2013-14 school year, the program received 176 tips and confiscated guns, box cutters and razors, along with preventing thefts, arson, aggravated assaults and vandalism. The program also confiscated 120 illegal drugs in the Memphis and Shelby County school systems. The 100 Club contributed almost half of those dollars awarded.

The Presidential Citation Award

The presidential citation award is presented to those service men and women who have gone above and beyond in the line of duty, however, those actions do not meet in all aspects the criteria for the Medal of Valor Award. This is a special recognition, awarded by the president of the 100 Club of Memphis, where the Valor Board wishes to recognize an individual for their service and bravery.