CrimeStoppers Trust Pays Program

The 100 Club re-established a partnership with CrimeStoppers in order to provide financial assistance to their successful Trust Pays Program in the local high schools.

CrimeStoppers is led by E. Winslow (Buddy) Chapman, after helping found CrimeStoppers in 1981 while he was the Memphis Police Director. Now 25 years later, CrimeStoppers of Memphis and Shelby County is widely viewed as one of the three most successful citizen-tip crime-fighting programs in the U.S. The 100 Club is participating financially with CrimeStoppers’ new Trust Pays Program. In its first year on high school campuses in Memphis and Shelby County, this program removed 54 weapons from the public school systems–including 26 handguns. School and law enforcement authorities also confiscated a variety of illegal drugs ranging from marijuana to crack cocaine.

Grand Total Since Program Inception

  • 175 Guns
  • 448 Other Weapons
  • 1016 Drugs

The 100 Club contributed almost half of those dollars awarded. Your generous donations to are used to present this award.