2019 Jerome Turner Community Service Award Winner: Sergeant Craig Littles

February 2, 2019

Sgt. Craig Littles, of the Memphis Police Department, serves as the Chief Visionary Officer and Lead Law Enforcement Officer of the Sheriff’s and Police Activities League of Memphis and Shelby County (Memphis Shelby PAL).

The Memphis Shelby PAL is a non-profit youth mentoring organization devoted to preventing crime, building character and promoting success for the youth of the communities. Sgt. Littles formulated the Memphis Shelby PAL to foster the highest standards of excellence through active programming of community service, positive youth development and organized sports under the constructive influence of dedicated officers who serve as coaches, referees and mentors. Sgt. Littles tireless efforts secured numerous grant funds that provided uniforms and sporting equipment to accommodate over 3,200 youth.

Sgt. Littles is also the Founder and Executive Director of Memphis Bears Incorporated. Memphis Bears Inc. is a non- profit youth organization established to empower, enhance and enrich at-risk youth through educational assistance, discovery skills and sports programs. He has served as the head coach in various sports and led his teams to championships both locally and nationally. His most recent endeavors is that of the CEO of Youth Academy of Dreams. This initiative is a compilation of discovery, sports, education, mentoring and intervention curriculums servicing 200 youth in the Raleigh/Frayser area.

In recognition of his due diligence, Sgt. Littles has been the recipient of numerous awards. He has chosen to give his monetary award to the Memphis Bears Inc. Thank you Sgt. Littles for your time and dedication to this community.