100 Club of Memphis Honors Fallen Officers and Recognizes Award Recipients at its 2022 Annual Dinner

April 11, 2022

Fallen Officers Honored

The following fallen officers were honored at our 2022 annual dinner:

  • Officer Scotty Triplett – Memphis Police Department
  • Lieutenant Travis Isabel – Memphis Fire Department
  • Officer Darrell Adams – Memphis Police Department

We are grateful for their services and wish our most sincere condolences to their families.

Award Recipients

Valor: 2022 Winner

Private Adrian Davis, Memphis Fire Department

On September 25, 2021, Private Adrian Davis and his colleagues responded to a motor vehicle crash on I-240 at Union Ave and saw first-hand just how frightening & dangerous a situation can become. The team approached the incident to investigate and found a vehicle with heavy damage and fire. Two of the crashed vehicle occupants had already gotten out of the car and were wandering aimlessly on the highway, in a daze. The team immediately jumped into action. Private Adrian’s partner, Paramedic Stephen Atkins, extinguished a fire in the vehicle’s engine compartment. Private Davis retrieved the driver and passenger who were walking disoriented in the traffic lanes. As Davis ushered the victims over a concrete barrier to safety, another vehicle struck the initial car wreck and hit Private Davis, pinning his leg and causing a fracture. This team’s vigilance and quick reaction undoubtedly saved the lives of two citizens. Adrian Davis is here tonight with his girlfriend, Kenyata West, and his sisters Ayanna & Erica.

Jerome Turner: 2022 Winners

Officer Anthony Green, Bartlett Police Department

The depth of Officer Anthony Green’s volunteer involvement came to light in 2021, when the Bartlett Police Department launched a mentorship program with the local Youth Villages chapter. The inaugural initiative was supported by a core group of officers who assisted in these community immersion events,
which raised awareness, broadened mutual understanding and helped form valuable connections with the area youth. Green organized a basketball camp, collaborated with the Youth Villages staff about having a regular movie night and involved the children in the BPD’s Christmas Village. Additionally, Officer Green serves as a young adult mentor with New Dimensions Ministries, is an active team member of the Frayser Street Team and the Northhaven Community Team, and is a volunteer basketball coach at the Memphis School of Excellence in Cordova. Officer Green’s volunteer involvement includes coaching and mentoring, medical check ups, meal delivery, home repairs, yard maintenance, neighborhood clean ups, college tuition fundraising, career counseling and driving services for those in need, etc. Anthony Green is here tonight with his wife, Sarah.

Officer Cassandra Leake, Memphis Police Department

Officer Cassandra Leake has been with the Memphis Police Department for more than 22 years. While on[1]duty, Office Leake works diligently to engage and mentor youth in her role as a D.A.R.E officer. She works in conjunction with our government leaders, teachers and parents to send powerful messages to our local students. Over the past four years, Officer Leake has volunteered weekly as a mentor with the Warrior Center for Women. She mentors and supports women who may be struggling with housing insecurity issues, drugs, alcohol addiction, domestic abuse and other life-controlling problems. Officer Leake recognizes the importance of leadership and never hesitates to lead by example by providing positive reinforcement and guidance to those who need it most. Additionally, Leake volunteers at both Sharpe and Kingsbury Elementary Schools with their Good News Clubs on campus. Officer Leake leads a Bible study for the children, while ensuring a safe zone for them to grow spiritually. Leake organizes yardsales, lunch distributions, and prayer walks. Cassanrda is here tonight with her husband, Dana.