2021 Medal of Valor Award Winner: Officer Taylor Coleman, Memphis Police Department, Memphis Fire Department

November 18, 2021

On June 20. 2020, Officer Taylor Coleman, who is assigned to the Tillman Stations Delta shift was on a traffic stop at Hudson and Crump when several citizens rushed up and told his about a house fire at 3166 Crump Avenue. Officer Coleman immediately proceeded to the location, where he saw flames and dark, dense smoke coming from the roof of the house. Officer Coleman notified dispatchers and requested fire personnel. Several Citizens stated that a male was observed leaving the house after the fire started but It was not known if other individuals were inside the house.

Officer Coleman told the dispatcher of the possibility of people being inside the house and said that de to the size of the fire he could not wait for the fire department to make the scene before entering. He went inside the house, clearing room after room until he same to two locked doors. The smoke became denser, and there was little visibility. When Officer Coleman called out, there was no response, s he kicked bot doors open and found inhabitants sleeping. Officer Coleman woke the two individuals and escorted them out before the fire department arrived. They were treated on the scene for minor injuries. The two men would probably not have made it out of the house without Officer Coleman’s swift, selfless actions.