2021 Jerome Turner Community Service Award Winners: Driver Samuel Burford and Pvt. Tavio Taylor

November 18, 2021

Driver Samuel Burford and Pvt. Tavio Taylor have lead the efforts for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Fill the boot campaign. Their organizing and collecting efforts are done with the precision of military commanders preparing for battle. Their efforts extend well beyond the non-required volunteer work day. They both volunteer their own time on non-duty days as well to not only encourage other dire fighters, but to continue their personal efforts towards this initiative. This year, both Driver Burford and Pvt. Taylor took it a step further and coordinated their efforts with Ms. Hannah Warren and her family. Hannah is not only the face of the 2019 MDA campaign, she is also a benefactor of the wonderful work and progress that MDA has made over the years as a result of the hard work of people like Sammie and Tavio. The value of their efforts to the MDA campaign and the people who depend on it cannot be simply measured by the dollar amount raised, but by the personal level of commitment, compassion ad excellence both of these individuals have shown in taking up the mantle of this cause.